Testimonials – Tai Chi Chuan, Yang style form of 108 movements

Master Tam Cheuk Yin (1926-2016) taught Tai Chi, Yang style classes at this location in Montreal, for over fifteen years.

Germain Poirier.

“I will always be grateful to M. Tam for having transmitted so generously his art of Tai Chi, meditation, philosophy and psychology.

The I Ching says everything is transformation. M. Tam transformed my body, my soul and my spirit. He has shaped me and made me the person I am today. He will be my master for all my life. A grandmaster of a very high level. “Open Your Mind”—I’ll never forget.”

J. Cloutier.

“His words were a big life lesson. Mr. Tam is a master of life. When I looked at him doing Tai Chi I saw the softness of silk, the current of a river and the force of a giant tree.”

C. Grenier.

“Mr. Tam observes you, gently makes fun of you, he corrects you, and then grace arises when he begins to move. And it is a true “state of grace.” That’s what we will all miss, for his teaching is the demand to “keep putting your shoulder to the wheel,” an internal thread which develops and anchors us at the heart of what is most beautiful and precious in the human being.”

P. Snow.

“In over twenty years of studying Tai Chi, Mr. Tam's spirit and teaching have 'brought me back to myself' on many occasions... When life makes little sense and everything is heavy and grey, Mr. Tam's spirit, energy and teaching have repeatedly brought me from depressed or agitated states to states of solace and well-being. Mr. Tam's teaching is truly a gift for which I am and will always be eternally grateful.”